From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Monday, March 20, 2006 4:50 PM PT
To: Girlie
Cc: rest;
Subject: RE: Time for a meeting...BREATH OF FRESH AIR?...---...




It is interesting to me that you, a branch manager of a bank that prides itself on “personal service” cannot do lunch with very possibly you most valuable customer who has the “power” to really make a difference in so many ways beginning with getting folks to focus on what I understand to be the relatively high salary paid to your Chief Executive Officer.


Now I could be completely wrong about Mr. X having picked up my information from a post prior to this post of mine on First’s Yahoo message board, such message boards known amongst us “risk assessment” specialists looking to gather “intelligence” for a prospective Shareholder Class Action Lawsuit as nothing more than cheap entertainment for lunatics or well paid con-artists trying to influence the stock price.


And of course you have occasionally people like me telling the truth, willing to even sign their real name although it would be great to hear there was someone other than me seeking to have their insight and analysis of the important events of the day appear at the top of the Internet Search engines adding greatly to the value of my intellectual property.


Naturally, when you are increasingly daydreaming behind your desk your mind wonders to all your friends and family who have even more time on their hands than you typing repeatedly in to Google the words, “Girlie Gevisser” and when scrolling down on the first hyperlink don’t forget to remind them to remind everyone they come into contract with even if not on a regular basis to scroll down to the 3rd paragraph before then clicking on to the “Girlie” hyperlink that appears in red.


Did I ever tell you that I was the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Insurance Marketing Services Inc. that back in the mid to late 1980s was the largest marketing-publishing company here in north American coaching mostly Independent Insurance Agents, the most successful entrepreneurs on how best to leverage their golfing relationships by zeroing in on the 3Rs as in Relatives, Referrals and Renewals.


And you would agree you know of no business people other than church officials who on average pull down in excess of a million a dollars a year in salary by religiously going to the golf course on average 3 days a week?


You surely heard on the John and Ken Radio show not all that long ago about this preacher who presided over the funeral services of Dr. Martin Luther King’s widow drawing down a salary last year of $3 million and when “called to task” saw no reason to tell the truth that he was no different to anyone trying to grab more than their fair share of the graft and instead simply made public his observation that he could find no evidence of Jesus being poor.


When considering what is going on right this instant with your business I happen to be of the opinion that this priest may in fact be more intellectually honest than anyone working for your bank given how if his congregation really had a problem with what he had to say they would have no difficulty in removing him while at the same time making him the laughing stock.


What you will first notice should you actually find both the time and inclination is that when you click on to the ps hyperlink in the second paragraph it takes you not to the post I made on First s Yahoo message board but to an identical post I placed up on the Revlon Corporation Yahoo message.


I wasn’t in the least bit surprised to find that either my computer has been “denied access” to the FiRst Yahoo Message Board or the message board has been shut down following my posting last night.


As you know I have been not simply rather busy today but very much in a number of peoples’ faces including people I happen to care about a whole lot certainly more than you who has this habit of not simply ignoring my graciousness but failing to get back to me with any specificity why my unique and universal “risk assessment” services are not of value to your bank.


Suffice to say this E-mail I sent earlier to Tefo Mohapi in South Africa probably even took you by surprise, no doubt helping you breath a little easier feeling that there would be SIGNIFICANTly less pressure for you to do the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing, but I could be wrong.


Bottom line given your failure to run other suggestions of mine “up the pole” I am no longer quite ready to give you and the rest of the folks at First Bank the “benefit of the doubt” that you are deserving of more of my valuable time and will therefore “put off” getting “to-get-her” [sic] with you where I would have most assuredly been a whole lot more gentle in asking you to please consider the following:


I would like to borrow $42,000 [Forty two thousand United States dollars] which I believe is less than what I currently have in a savings account with you, bearing in mind I also have other bank accounts and zero debt to speak of, and to put up as security for such a loan an equivalent amount in gold bullion that has been assayed at 99.99% pure.


Let me be very explicit with you so as to avoid any bs “back and forth” that could serve no other purpose than to waste my time and therefore bring a frown to my face which would greatly upset my wife who to this day doesn’t know why I suggested she move a chunk of her spare change into a separate bank account with a whole lot bigger balance than mine where as you know I have no signing authority, versus just giving me the “change”, Marie Dion Gevisser increasingly feeling that this was all a “set up”.


And of course she was 100% correct in believing that by her banking with you folks I would therefore take advantage of her much more literate skills to read ahead of me sending out emails to you which of course is why I felt “obligated” to grant her signing authority allowing her to pull out money “at will” to mention little of the 7th and last provision of MDG’s will causing the “ta” hyperlink to get a good number of hits, you think?


None of my overtures has helped change MDG’s mind, still refusing to look at a single email I send you despite telling me that she is willing to devote her Thursday mornings to assist me expand my audience given the extraordinary progress I have been getting in getting folks to not only click on to my “out of control” numerous hyperlinks but to go to my one website repeatedly.


I understand perfectly well having banked with you folks for some time but more importantly having “invested” significant time by visiting with you all for the EXCLUSIVE purpose of understanding better your “clientele” that you do not make loans “secured against” so-called “precious metals” for all the reasons I have been explaining in simple English beginning and ending with how such a policy would only serve to further undermine the increasingly over the top high level of “distrust” the “general public” have in the extraordinary fraud perpetrated by the United States Congress “aided and abetted” by unelected folks such as Alan Greenspan, the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve.


Also please don’t assume I am “broken hearted” over the fact that according to Dr. John K. Pollard Mr. Greenspan has just secured a $6 million advance for his forthcoming book, such news doing nothing short of warming the cockles of my heart.


All that I want you, Mr. X as well as each member of the board of directors of First Bank to do is simply “consider” making me such a loan without any guarantees beyond placing such gold bullion in your custody and if the space under your desk is for whatever reason not “appropriate” for us to put our “heads to-get-her” [sic] and find an alternative location that would serve to assure you that in the event I were to “disappear into thin air” or the such you would be guaranteed at least the face amount of the loan if not SIGNIFICANTly more.


Let me spell this out even clearer.


First, I will assume that you have not only read what I sent Tefo this morning but you will share that communiqué which is being uploaded on message boards throughout the Internet at a blinding speed with your bosses who I am quite certain given the “credibility” I “bring to the table” will be able to make a decision before the end of the day today, some 30 minutes from now.


Remember although I have never been part of a circus I am intimately familiar with the extraordinary games played at the highest levels of the corporate world able without even getting my hands on First’s Financial Statements going back to the beginning of time to know exactly where your Achilles heels is located.


Your over the top Price/Earnings ratio perhaps the least of your shareholders concerns even when say compared to an extraordinarily well capitalized financial institution like Leucadia National Corporation whose President, Joe Steinberg I plan to meet for breakfast with in the near future although this time I will insist he picks up the check given the “good news” I will sharing with him as opposed to when we last met at Miracles in Cardiff By The Sea back on August 26th 2002 I did Joe the “courtesy” of picking up the tab given how he was still seething from the “revolution” he felt I nearly caused at HomeFed one of his subsidiaries and as you would have surely picked up by now that is exactly what anyone hiring me would expect.


Then again not everyone truly wants a “breath of fresh air”?


Just look around you and see all the small talk that goes on while you put on this façade of contributing to the “general good”, yet up until this precise moment in time you have in fact been misleading your depositors who based on all the literature I have read about you folks rely on you to give them, at a minimum, a “heads up”.


The fact that none of your competitors are CURRENTLY doing the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right may inevitably fall on the deaf ears of folks like Terrance Howard and the such.


BTW I have absolutely no interest in hearing about all the charity work you and your husband do in your spare time to make sure the DAAC’s foothold does not become stronger as they infiltrate the lower echelons of the system, affecting each of us through the laws and even the educational system corrupting our children by failing to teach them the truth, limiting their power by limiting their knowledge.


You have been in receipt of the last two communications coming from Mr. Ron Bellows Senior, a senior risk management specialist for AIG, this last communique sent to me on March 2nd titled, For your commentary, The End of Dollar Hegemony spelling out in simple English the nature of the fraud perpetrated by the Federal Reserve that one would expect to see in say the “recital” to a SCAL and the more banks that fail to get “with the program” the more epic the SCAL.


Furthermore, you, nor your bank’s lawyers should feel comforted in the number of other financial institutions including Leucadia National Corporation who have failed in my humble but seasoned opinion to “fully disclose” the extent to which you have all benefited by such extraordinary deceit perpetrated on “We, the people” the granting of banking “licenses” in my humble but seasoned opinion, nothing short of a license to steal blind, worse yet I would support 100% that the “payoffs” going to our heavily corrupted politicians, regulators and the such are tantamount to “licenses to kill” considering that all you have been doing, again at least up until now, is helping the rich get richer by continuing to steal from the poor.


Again, I not only come “in peace” but I have painstakingly and methodically pointed out the “military arm” of western bankers such as yourself relying on left wing militia like the FREEDOM ROAD SOCIALIST ORGANIZATION to do your “dirty work”, the FRSO no different to those aligned with the Trilateral Commission UNwilling to expose THE DIAMOND INVENTION created by the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, the mafia of mafia, the money launderers of money launderers.


One more time so that you DO NOT make the mistake as others have attempted to do in preventing me from spreading the truth by “cutting and pasting” what I am writing in an effort to distract the authorities from the substance of my “peace offering”, i.e. I will not take kindly to any acts that a jury of my peers would consider to be nothing short of an effort on the part of First Bank to deflect their culpability.


It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out how I plan to follow up next with Michael Grant bearing in mind I have been testing folks around the clock and all around the globe following this 842 word “RAGE” email I began sending him this past Friday at 12:14 PM PT and of course not only is my math a whole lot superior to any one of the clowns in your San Francisco corporate headquarters but I constantly “gain power” as I use my well above average “command of numbers” to do good.


Furthermore, as you CHOOSE to take your time in getting back to me with what is a very simple and no doubt very fair request, you simply having to let me know how much interest you would be willing to charge me as I also would be providing you all a rather easy “way out” of what right now is an extraordinary “black hole”, to get smart and examine the timing of the National Bank of Belarus “telegraphing” to the rest of the world NOT that it has decided to issue securities backed by gold but that it is simply “considering” such a move.


Let me be of even further assistance by letting you know that there is a SIGNIFICANT probability that the level of honesty by NBB’ officials is no better than that of the members of the Federal Reserve which of course means that they are very likely also liars, cheats and thieves but there is every reason to believe there is SIGNFICANT truth to the amount of gold they say is already stored in their bank which was really the “shot across the bow” to western banks not to interfere with their “gravy train” or they might decide to “pull the plug” on each and every one of you.


What I am proposing for First Bank is nothing more than an opportunity to “get with the program” while never losing sight of my extraordinarily “fair proposal” especially considering how many loopholes the DAAC have created that allow their “licensed money launderers” to “turn a blind eye” to them the “money launderers of money launderers” while you go about doing their bidding making hard working people not getting close to the graft afforded to those who have stolen the most, using the “barrel of a gun” to corrupt not only our politicians who make entrepreneurs eat the most foul tasting crow.


Yes, that meeting between President-elect John F. Kennedy and Harry Oppenheimer, the Anglo head of the DAAC at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan must surely have you sick to your stomach knowing such a meeting between the very next Commander In Chief of all United States Armed Forces and the co-head of the mafia of mafia was only designed by the DAAC to let folks know that the future President of the word’s superpower was “bought and paid for” and had better “behave himself”, just like all those made aware of this very public setting including the Secret Service, in charge of also protecting our currency, United States Justice Department Officials, tasked with executing our sacrosanct Anti-trust laws aimed at dismantling cartels and protecting hard working entrepreneurs and of course the DAAC made it their business to see to it that each and every member of the United States Congress back then and since understood how very serious the DAAC was when it came to them being in “command and control” of the world’s monetary system.


So once you recover your wits give thought to how every single action you stake serves principally the “best interests” of the DAAC who we in the 1st World rely on to make certain our despots in the 3rd world “behave themselves” and if not then they should look forward to United States military “paying them a visit”.


The masses of independent thinkers all around the world including here in the United States increasingly getting up to speed with why they should not only rethink worrying about bs stuff such as “credit scores” but the dangers of attending outside protest gatherings and to rather stay at home or visit Internet cafes, thus mitigating the risk of a single militant such as a bought and paid for member of the FRSO infiltrating their ranks that given the high level of anxiety everywhere caused by a “money grabbing world” could touch off so easily a world war where “money becomes no object”.


Again, it does not take rocket science to figure out that violence plays right into the hands of the “money power” folks who rely on the masses of poor to fight it out amongst themselves and when enough of them are dead and dismembered to restart what is nothing short of a perpetual money making machine.


Go ahead and put yourself in the shoes of someone with no more than an 8th grade education reading all this and wondering about the “credit score” of the DAAC who at the “flip of a switch” cannot only wipe out all their debt but the debt of their friends who have acquired all the shiny stuff having served the “best interests” of the DAAC, the mafia of mafia, the money launderers of money launderers.


And if you don’t care for my repetitiveness, tough!


Go ahead now this instant and look at that diamond engagement ring of yours and think of where exactly did the monies your husband paid for it go?


Now bend over and pull out of your purse your 12C Texas Instrument calculator and without punching in a fricken number give thought to what would be “fair compensation” for our slave laborers not just in the 3rd world but doing all the grunt work us “pencil pushers” CHOOSE not to do here in the United States given how up until now we have not only had all the big guns but control of the Knowledge-Information-Light.


In 4 days I will no longer be 48, planning on celebrating the big 49 at the Wine and Cellar Brasserie this coming Saterday with a bunch of friends, although it looks like no more than a handful of invited guests picked rather randomly from my one of a kind email list will actually show up for one spectacular free meal, everyone invited well aware that this is my gift and to not bother with buying a gift for me the person who has everything I could have ever dreamed possible, most of all a mind that enables me to logically thought process how extraordinarily fortunate I am to be able soar like an eagle despite being surrounded ever since I moved to Del Mar, California by mostly turkeys which is “sumwhat” [sic] of a hatchet job I did on the wording of my Royal Mater when she wrote to me the following back in 1988 on a piece of fabric:


It’s not easy to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys.


Very important right now to stay in stride with me and if not me than my beloved wife Marie and my very, very good friend Annie George who with support from the rest of my very good friends will restore balance.


Bear in mind always what goes around comes around but with a vengeance.




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From: Girlie
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To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: RE: Time for a meeting...


Sorry.  I can't do lunch, but you are more than welcome to come by, or give me a call and let me know what I can do for you.


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From: Gary S. Gevisser
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I am at the rock home and needing about another half hour to finish up on some stuff before taking the dogs on their 2nd 90 minute loop walk of Noble Canyon. Can we do lunch together?


From: Girlie
Sent: Monday, March 20, 2006 9:34 AM
To: Gary S. Gevisser
Subject: RE: Time for a meeting...


I will be here all day if you would like to stop by.


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From: Gary S. Gevisser
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To: Girlie
Subject: Time for a meeting...

I need you to take care of some important business for me.


When are you available to meet?