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Up late watching closely the Hong Kong gold market?


China you know never buying in to that rouse of American Charles Engelhard shipping gold “illegally” out of South Africa in the form of gold statutes, destination Hong Kong, versus his operations here in the U.S., namely Engelhard Minerals and Chemicals headquartered in Newark, New Jersey which is where Hollywood started out.


Chinese people who didn’t start just yesterday setting the scholastic levels wherever they go didn’t need Hollywood blockbuster author Edward Jay Epstein to write the most fascinating non-fiction novel, The Diamond Invention which you know ends where my forthcoming book begins, to know that extraordinarily anti-Semitic Charles Engelhard along with equally anti-Semitic Anglo South African Harry Oppenheimer, backed up by the United States’ military mite, controlled “lock, stock and barrel”, possibly the origins of “shooting fish in a barrel”, the most heinous South African Apartheid Regime sitting atop the world’s richest mineral deposits.


You of course know the role of chemicals in mining.


So long as I seemed to suit your agenda you were happy to communicate with me.


What is your agenda?


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what part of "remove me from your email list" do you not understand?


please do so immediately.



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Subject: PUCK...force....daac


Don’t you have quite the nerve!


BTW, I have just seen about the 5th wild turkey cruising by the west facing windows in less than 15 minutes and its not like I have nothing better to do with my time than look out all the surrounding windows which I can in fact do all the while twiddling my toes, typing here and there, a little, no actually a lot of “cut and paste” and a whole lot more accurate than The It did on 9/11/2002 and in the process of being so extraordinarily selective made so many “errors” including having me a “giant tall” at 5 foot 11 inches and weighing 180 pounds of fat like him and his “on-off” again girlfriend who has those exact physical dimensions when filing a baseless criminal complaint against me but “rili” [sic] aimed at his X wife who left him in the BIG 3 level house across from dope dealing and pot smoking King Golden Jr. Esq. who of course along with King’s “bosom buddy” who King, Valerie Schulte Esq. and I would call, “our man Roger” the immediate past Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the all important U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission and formerly the top dog at the DAAC’s National Security Council during Reagan Presidency, all had a “hand to play” in The IT’s so very evil wrongdoing which didn’t take a sharp uncorrupted Superior Judge on October 24th 2002 to figure it all out in a flash although I am quite certain made up his mind well prior to the start of the formal hearing all designed to murder my very good name when Judge Hendrix first heard The IT’s Ex-wife speak out so clearly and precisely at the initial hearing when I didn’t have an attorney accompany me since both Marie D. Gevisser and I were quite certain The IT would have listened very carefully to his attorney Mr. George Hurst Esq. who in the loudest voice just as the initial hearing was about to begin that could be heard all over the courtroom, severely reprimanded The IT when declaring,




Please excuse me for going off on a relatively small tangent that allowed you to get comfortable once again in your chair.


Here you are Mr. “Conservative”, just like “our man Roger” known to his right wing colleagues such as Sec. James C. Baker as Roger W. Robinson, born on the same day as President Ronald W. Reagan, February 6th, 40 years apart, but unlike “our man Roger” who makes serious money on the side you are simply a political hack editor for the New York Post – please correct me if I have anything wrong – also making a living on the side with your BLOG, pocking fun at one day “liberal” the next day “conservativeSenator Hilary-Bill Clinton and when you are presented with The Diamond Invention which supports that your are a charlatan you think it mighty fine to go “deafeningly silent” but come on so strong when blind copied, “please do so”, thinking the masses not getting their fair share of the graft THANKS TO YOU and all those such as Hilary and “our man Roger” who “butter your bread”, will continue to go along with your very expensive charade?


I assume, and of course I could be wrong that Rupert Murdoch is the “official” owner of your newspaper and as you well know that doesn’t mean much to me and more importantly to increasing numbers of the masses only just now waking up to both how and why they are so very poor in every category apart from not being anywhere near as corrupt and very possibly suffering less from the all important “Poverty of Thought” as those responsible for trickling down the costs of getting richer on the backs of the poor who are not stupid.


You may have already heard from Mr. Gould out of Hong Kong and of course you don’t need me to tell you to watch out for getting caught up in his nonsense but what you and Mr. Gould in all likelihood haven’t realized is that Mr. Gould has now “overplayed his hand”.


Later on in the day, all being well, and with “intelligence” streaming in, I will explain in more detail.


Thought you might in the meantime enjoy looking at a photo of the gift given to me by the son of Mr. Rupert’s lawyer of some 30+ years soon after Bill Squadron Esq., a former executive of the Fox Network, and I “inked” an engineering development deal between Bill’s company SporTVision and who at the time owned the internet rights to that get upwards of 100 million hits on the day the finals of the World Cup soccer are played.


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i asked to be removed from this email list. please do so.


thank you


From: Gary S. Gevisser
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To: Gregg Birnbaum - JustHillary
Subject: I AM BACK...: Interesting article on Hilary Clinton. Have you read Hollywood blockbuster author Edward Jay Epstein's The Diamond Invention that references Arkansas?


“Greg” [sic] – I’m back.


Had you decided to scroll down the Prologue looking for the most “interesting” Chapter you might have decided to begin reading Chapter 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER, subtitle, THE SECRET WAR REPORT OF THE OSS/CIA where you would have come across the following two paragraphs referencing Arkansas.


The Justice Department decided then to launch its own investigation into the diamond monopoly. It had the full cooperation of the War Production Board, which still wanted control of the diamond stockpile, and the OSS, the newly created U.S. wartime intelligence service. The Investigators were not held back by any inhibitions about intercepting mail, borrowing bank records or other such extralegal measures. They all shared a common objective: helping the war effort. In their roughshod manner, they soon began turning up bits of evidence indicating that De Beers had systematically stifled diamond mining in areas of the world over which it could not exert control. For example, intercepted letters from Oppenheimer's associates suggested that litigation had been initiated in Venezuela to prevent Nelson Rockefeller and other Americans from developing diamond mines in that country. One such letter detailed the possibility of competition in Venezuela, and asked an intermediary to suggest to Oppenheimer that he be "ruthless in stamping it out." Another intercepted letter from a Belgian diamond executive suggested that De Beers was intentionally exhausting the diamond mines in the Belgian Congo, while preserving its mines in South Africa, so that after the war was over De Beers "will have complete control over the market.." Justice Department investigators also looked into charges that De Beers had conspired to buy out and shut down potential diamond mining areas in the country of Guyana and the state of Arkansas.


In Arkansas, it was charged that after diamonds were found there, Oppenheimer bought control of the company that was to mine the diamonds. Then, when the separation plant built on the site failed to produce a sufficient quantity of diamonds per ton of ore to make the mine profitable, it was closed. Subsequently, it was charged that the separation plant had been designed by the engineer in such a manner that it could not possibly retrieve diamonds. It emerged that the engineer was in the employ of De Beers. The mine, which was bought out by associates of Ernest Oppenheimer, was ordered closed in 1921 after Oppenheimer met the mine officials in New York, and the mine's records were ordered destroyed. "An inference could be drawn . . . "the Justice Department memorandum noted, "that the property was sabotaged and then closed at the insistence of Sir Ernest Oppenheimer." The evidence was admittedly highly circumstantial.


The next reference to Arkansas which remember is most remembered, apart from being poor, for housing the Rose law firm, appears in Chapter 21 titled Caveat Emptor,


Some of these entrepreneurs were relative newcomers to the diamond business. Rayburne Martin, who went from De Beers Diamond Investments, Ltd., to Tel-Aviv Diamond Investments, Ltd., both domiciled in Scottsdale, Arizona, had a record of embezzlement and security law violations in Arkansas and was a fugitive from justice during most of his tenure in the diamond trade. Harold S. McClintock, also known as Harold Sager, had been convicted of stock fraud in Chicago, and he had been involved in a silver bullion caper in 1974 before he helped organize De Beers Diamond Investments, Ltd. Don Jay Shure, who arranged to set up another De Beers Diamond Investments, Ltd., in Irvine, California, had also formerly been convicted of fraud. Bernhard Dohrmann, the "marketing director" of the International Diamond Corporation, had served time in jail for security fraud in 1976. Donald Nixon, the nephew of President Richard M. Nixon, and Robert L. Vesco, the fugitive financier, were, according to the New York State attorney general, allegedly participating in a high-pressure telephone campaign to sell "over-valued or worthless diamonds" by employing "a battery of silken-voiced radio and television announcers." Among the diamond salesmen were also a wide array of former commodity and stock brokers who specialized in attempting to sell sealed diamonds to pension funds and retirement plans.


Meanwhile, in London, the real De Beers, unable to stifle all the bogus entrepreneurs in Arizona and California using its name, decided to explore the potential market for investment gems. It announced in March of 1978 a highly unusual sort of "diamond fellowship" for selected retail jewelers. Each jeweler who participated would pay a $2,000 fellowship fee. In return, he would receive a set of certificates for investment-grade diamonds, contractual forms for "buyback" guarantees, promotion material, and training in how to sell these unmounted diamonds to an entirely new category of customers. The target was defined by De Beers as "men aged 55 and over with inherited or self-made wealth to spend." Rather than sell fine jewels, as they were accustomed to, these selected retailers would sell loose stones with a certificate for $4,000 to $6,000.


There are three “items” I believe you should pay attention to; first how the DAAC pay for “things” where they don’t want to leave a “trace”; second the role of my “pal” Martin Rappaport of the Rappaport Report which publishes the wholesale price of diamond currency always fixed at more than a barrel of oil; and third, the decision to have me first “make my way” in the U.S., arriving from South Africa on March 17th, 1978, by finding a job in Chicago and after a getting my “feet wet”, keeping track of the commodity trades of Joseph Seigal, the second largest commodity trader in the world, the DAAC are of course number one by a “long stretch”, I then “made my way” to the heart of world’s number one money laundering operation.


47th Street, Manhattan is a place you should visit and why not today given how it could in fact be no more this coming Monday, all depending on how people such as yourself who may not be DAACbought and paid for”, at least not yet, may decide that not only is “enough is enough” but to begin really focusing on the Clintons and how these “nothing” two-bit lawyers from a “nothing” State first get “chosen” to be a Cecil Rhodes Scholar a handshake with President John F. Kennedy on the White House lawn all part of the “theatrics” and so very distracting that not a single member of the DAAC media including of course Edward Jay Epstein comments on the connecting dots between Camelot, the British Crown, Ceil Rhodes, the founder of DeBeers and all the “upper class” universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, the London School of Economics, not to forget the lower strata Ivy League Universities which serve as the perfect “breeding grounds” for the monopolists of monopolists to recruit from, all the while perfecting their not exactly perfect perpetual money making machine.


Email me with questions.


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Subject: RE: Interesting article on Hilary Clinton. Have you read Hollywood blockbuster author Edward Jay Epstein's The Diamond Invention that references Arkansas?


Click on this hyperlink.


I am over at our studio cliff house in Del Mar, California with the sound of the surf gushing in through the front windows and although I am going to be taking a handful of steps to the rear to make myself coffee I should be able to hear if any emails come through.


As you read this most fascinating book that shouldn’t take you more than a couple of hours given how you should be able to eliminate all distractions you may have certain questions that in all likelihood I will be able to answer given how I was being groomed from a very young age to take over from the American Charles Engelhard as the American head of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, the cartel of cartels.


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can you forward it to me?




Gregg Birnbaum

"It's All About Her"


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Subject: Interesting article on Hilary Clinton. Have you read Hollywood blockbuster author Edward Jay Epstein's The Diamond Invention that references Arkansas?


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