From: Gary S. Gevisser
Wednesday, June 29, 2005 4:41 PM PT

Cc: rest Tony Leon MP - Leader of the Democratic Alliance - Republic of South Africa; Michael Berlin Esq. - Office of Attorney General; Mark Gevisser - The Nation's southern African correspondant; Newell Starks - Chairman of the Board - Sterling Holding Company - A Citicorp Venture Corporation fronting corporation; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC];; Valerie Schulte Esq. - National Association of Broadcasters

Subject: THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING A WOMAN...----...proof a function of evidence, the better the evidence the better the proof...---...


Jeff – Pull out your calendar and squeeze me in tomorrow, preferably lunch at Rainwaters.


I have to make a decision tomorrow by 2pm Philadelphia time whether to accept a settlement offer from Citigroup’s Credit Card Services division who have offered to discount the amount I owe them by 53% despite my telling their agent it might not be enough to make it worth my while, putting to an end this particular Perfect Storm which may end up having as “long legs” as Perfect Storm II on the website that details the shenanigans that go on within Citigroup’s Citicorp Venture Corporation’s leverage buyout arm, CVC the most successful “management friendly” i.e. “shareholder hostile” takeover very private firm in the history of Wall Street, way down the totem pole, however, when compared to organizations such as Investec that provide the likes of Dr. Jonathan Beare not the “credit” that is so very traceable but simply the “credibility” which has the “smart money” movers and shakers, unlike Roy Essakow feeling the need to buy the big house on La Jolla Farms Road when emigrating from Zug, Switzerland with his ill-gotten gains, “bending over backwards” to grant the likes of Dr. Beare a “piece of the action” in return for nothing other than the understanding that no one other than the “nominee shareholder” and the “smart money” will ever be any the wiser, loose lips sink ships.


Yes this loyalty bit is when it is all said and done, “very skin deep”, mankind in exchange for simply selling his soul while doing nothing less than mortgaging the next generations’ future, each successive generation thinking their offspring more special than those whose parents and those that came before them have not been so co-opted, so easy now to use the excuse of protecting family when it is plain simply money, pure greed because if rapacious mankind was really concerned with family would he want to raise his kid-s to be this corrupt because they will have to be more corrupt to survive unless of course they inherit the money?


So what are you planning on doing with your money since you have no offspring and I have done a rather stellar job of exposing the Achilles heel of your Democratic Communist Party?


The really smart money players know better about a number of things including listening ever so carefully to the likes of my Royal Mater, consigliore to the most powerful and richest movers and shakers, particularly the Chinese elite who never bother with security, no private planes, no private yachts, mostly traveling economy class living ever so modestly in neighborhoods without the white picket fences, light on their feet, sleeping only when having sex, to mention little once again of my DAAC family at the very top of the pyramid with their unlimited and untraceable supply of the hardest and most lightweight currency conceived of by man, The Diamond Invention a piece of history that must now this instant be told to every child on the planet and for each of them to write down what it is exactly that they understand and don’t understand so that someone such as myself can answer them in simple 4th grade English with of course your help.


You surely want to hear Zena Gevisser’s voice on her record THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING A WOMAN, the outdated content I can assure you not as important as getting a sense of why my extraordinary mother captivated the likes of Aristotle Onassis and his “sworn enemy” Robert F. Kennedy both scoundrels understanding rather well how their best interests would be served by keeping their filthy hands off Royal Mater while learning THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING A WOMAN.


BTW way I think this is the 3rd or 4th law firm-collection agency to have been engaged by Citigroup ever since I made them aware I was no longer “employable” using you and Bill Lerach Esq. as references.


A brief background just in case you have got all caught up in playing the victim role as in;


“It becomes easy to forget the truth the more you lie


Years ago about the same time I became aware of the deep rot within the corporate world, my 1,000 battling average of uncovering fraud in every instance when called upon by the likes of you was nothing really to joke about, you Mr. JRK very possibly at “sum” [sic] point the most “competent and experienced” SCAL [Shareholder Class Action Litigator] on this most amazing planet Mother Earth, I received a phone call from a telemarketer when I was in the middle of discussing with Marie’s “tTOo” [sic] kids the importance of a “value system”, selling “unemployment insurance” that would prevent me from having to pay off my credit card debt in the event I were to become “unemployed”.


Suffice to say I thought this was one most incredible joke and I seem to recall getting off the phone telling Marie and the kids that I suspected it was you using your Queens’ accent - just play along right now as I listen to Queen playing on the homepage of, you of course coming from Boston, a graduate of Boston College a step




“tTOo” [sic] up from the 3rd World crappy University of Natal, Durban, South Africa – you knowing that I would not only accept such a nonsense insurance policy, the usurious $178 premium later to my “astonishment” charged to my credit card, but that I could count on you to confirm not only my “credibility” but beyond a shadow of a doubt “unemployable” as well as capable of making a perfectly logical case before our that such an insurance program telling of the desperation of the insurance-banking sector being ultimately bankrolled by the next generation, not forgetting who in their right mind with the slightest bit of larceny in their heart would unless in their worst nightmare give me a job as even a secretary capable of only wearing an FBI wiretap given my uncanny ability not only to ferret out the rot leading all the way back to the DAAC beginning in that fateful year 1933 but when cutting to the chase at Light-G-D-Speed downloading the “proof” succinctly, proof a function of evidence, the better the evidence the better the proof.


Call rather than bother your so busy secretary having to email me and I course I have no evidence of anyone in your offices currently wearing an FBI wiretap.




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