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Ms. Moore,


The fact that I have 2 posts on the Los Angles Times Opinion blog that remain up, bearing in mind that there is a review of every post before it is uploaded, is testament to not everyone in the world is corrupt who has to make a living in a systemically corrupt United States of America.


Bear in mind I am not only a United States citizen but one who is extraordinarily grateful to our current Administration, very specifically George W. Bush who if there is a history, and I am quite confident there will be, he will go down as very possibly the smartest and certainly the most honorable of all United States Presidents including George Washington.


Remember, GWB is not responsible for all the previous United States Presidential tyrants putting in place each and every one of the world’s tyrants ever since the United States rather arrogant foreign policy of Regime Change became the “order of the day”, necessary when our corrupt tyrants could no longer be counted on to keep their masses enslaved earning “slave wages” all paid for in worthless-fictitious DeBeers-Dollars.


Not to mention one simply has to look at who provides the “seed capital” to then figure out in the next instant who “calls the shots” following by figuring out in no time that this notion of “We are a nation of laws” has only “standing” by those not murdered, tortured and enslaved.


The history of the United States with its British Crown colonies were all a bunch of criminal corporations whose “legal title” came from the British Crown, a bunch of lethargic aristocrats who have never really been the best of fighters but knew given their “gift of the gab” that few could understand, for good reason, had a way of getting others, very specifically the “blue collar-working class” educated under the Bell Shaped curve educational system where the “most average” rise to the top who upon graduating from the “best” mediocrity teaching institutions and finding themselves without anywhere close to the hand-eye coordinated skills such as carpentry, plumbing, and electrical engineering that during the same time they were perfecting their “gift of the gab” their working class peers had honed such in demand trade skills and feeling “left out”, having no way to make a living in an increasingly aware world with technology under Murphy’s Law doubling every 18 months and right now this very instant, perhaps every hour, it was just a matter of time when these “down and out”, most average but with the gift of the gab would work their to the very bottom of the barrel, the lazy “dirt poor” used to the comforts of socialism being handed welfare checks one generation after the next who inevitably would be the one’s “chosen” to “shoot the poison tipped arrows” of the British Crown.


I didn’t get off a boat just yesterday.


Today is my 50th birthday and if I see out the day I will be as amazed as I have been each and every day since I recovered from the DAAC having poisoned my liver some 27 odd years ago when they became a little too concerned about my questioning of Mr. Martin Rappaport, the lead Hasidic-ultra orthodox-Black Hatter tasked each and every day with publishing the fixed wholesale price of diamond currency.


Not many people in the world outside of the diamond-money laundering industry have heard the name Martin Rappaport just like not every trader in the world knows my last name.


Gevisser means “certain” in German, “Gewissen” = conscience.


Knowledge is Light.


The Diamond Invention written by Hollywood blockbuster author Edward Jay Epstein a DAAC operative was extraordinarily deviously crafted to give everyone bothering to read this “shot across the bow” a sense of total hopelessness and at the same time a warning should there appear from the ranks of “independent thinkers” specifically Jewish independent thinkers raised with both a conscience and the genius of Judaism that at its core commands a passionate pursuit of truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help each of us G-d.


God help those who DARE buck the system”.


God helps those who help themselves” was one of the first things I recall my Royal Mater, the teacher of teachers, teaching me, before that was she began subscribing to the notion, “The means justifies the end!”


Her total lack of fanaticism, her respect for the individual no matter their religious beliefs had her standing head and shoulders above all the garbage that surrounded my immediate family who had very, very, very few friends, the most trusted, beyond a shadow of a doubt, were Indians, all of whom were devout followers of the Prophet Mohammed.


Mascot Salot’s family ended up taking care of my blind long haired chiwawa when the last of my family, my Dad and mom, soon after I immigrated to the U.S. in March 1978, left the hateful, so anti-Semitic Durban, South Africa Jewish community, led by the most disgusting Gunter “The Pig” Lazarus of the Durban North Lazarus clan, The Pig and his brother Bernard living like two Mafia dons with their big houses side by side.


Until Chichi died my Dad would whenever he returned to Durban, now living the Life of Riley with my Royal Mater in their double flat in Heron Water right on 2nd Beach very possibly still to this day the most valuable piece of real estate in South Africa, would check to see how she was doing and no doubt the conversation between my Dad and Mascot and his immediate family would have been very superficial.


Facades are very necessary when you are a “wondering-suitcase Jew” not knowing who you can trust beginning with immediate family members who are indoctrinated with the concept of “family loyalty” while at the same time the Bible is rampant with family treachery.


There are increasingly few people who know their Bible and even those who do don’t have the Judaic teachings to question the genius of all the 3 major religions never to forget that what goes around comes around with a vengeance.


The Hindu people also deserve a break from the Catholic Church.


The Catholic people deserve a break.


Everyone should take the time out to figure out on their own WHY someone like Edward Jay Epstein who works for the DAAC, the socialist of socialist organizations, while writing editorials for “conservative” newspapers like the Wall Street Journal whose bosses are the same bosses as their “arch rivals” such as The Washington Post and New York Times, would THINK he could get away with suggesting that one little pipsqueak New York diamond-money laundering dealer such as Maurice Templeton would be able to “arrange” a meeting between Harry Oppenheimer, the Anglo-South African head of the DAAC, the money launderers of money launderers who put other money launderers like the United States Federal Reserve to “shame” and the very next DAAC President of the United States of America who at the time was about to also become the Commander In Chief of all United States Armed Forces, the world’s one superpower well on its way to enslaving the world.


Why wouldn’t increasingly edgy Edward Jay Epstein simply tell it the way it was, that it was “liberal Democrat” Charles Engelhard, playing  “liberal” here in the U.S. and “right wing” socialist in South Africa, who arranged this “all tell” very public meeting, the Carlyle Hotel, not exactly a “hole in the wall”?


Even a not all that great lawyer-liar knows not to ask a question without knowing the answer.


G-d surely knows that selfish bastard people don’t want to hear the truth because they cannot handle the truth.


Maurice Templeton is a little “sh1t” [sic].


He has everything in common with the “Little Corporal” Hitler who had everything in common with the small time bootlegger Joe Kennedy.


You choose carefully from the bottom of the barrel who you want to “shoot your poison tipped arrows”.


David Ben Gurion was not alone in figuring out that to “take out” Hitler or Joe Kennedy or both would have made matters a whole lot worse given how so extraordinarily careful were the DAAC in sending a quiet but very clear message that their replacements would be a whole lot worse.


There is no need for things to get worse before they get better unless you are on the side of DAAC.


To “sit on one’s hands” and say, “There is nothing I can do, lets leave it up to G-d” is a little silly, wouldn’t you think?


It is 8:36 AM Pacific Standard Time, March 24th 2007 and while I celebrate the opportunity to have been afforded the most awesome 50 years on this most amazing planet Mother Earth, there will be increasingly less for the DAAC, the mind control of mind manipulation organizations to be smiling about as they and each and every one of their stooges all around the world find themselves more fidgety during the day and battling to get a restful night’s sleep.


Take care,


Gary S. Gevisser

A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There


Ps – I will try posting this up on the LA Times Opinion blog and if I don’t succeed perhaps you can “lend a helping hand”.


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