From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Monday, May 30, 2005 6:34 PM PT
To: Paul S. Teirstein, MD., F.A. C. C.
Cc: rest;
George Hurst Esq. - Lawyer-liar for Dr. John Ben Stewart aka Sperm Donor; Eliot Spitzer - Attorney General of New York State ; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Jim Mazza - Cornell University - Campaign Director, Special Projects; Tefor Mohapi? - PhatBoy Slim; Ron Bellows Senior - Risk Management specialist - AIG; Michael Winn - Del Mar Times journalist; David Berman - Berman Capital;
Subject: FW: ...”Real-ly you don't talk about us" [sic]?" ...CHOOsing...PERFECT STORM C..."You asshole. Can't you keep your big mouth shut. You are a clown. You have made a fool of both of us...---"


Doctor Tierstein,


I picked up just earlier off my cell phone answering service the message you left on Wednesday, May 25th at 12:13 PM PT, some 79 minutes after you emailed your “acquaintance” Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk of Finkelstein & Krinsk, rather intimate with both our “work product”, and while the message you left indicated Mr. JRK must have done a good job in calming you down when compared to your plea for him to use “superior and overwhelming force” it did make reference to my “crazy” emails that you would prefer I did not send you.


Let me remind you doctor that it is a little late “in the game” don’t you think to place a lid on things given your boorish behavior?


It all comes down to jobs, not only how do we each make a living but what we do for a living even if all we are doing is being “kept”.


Why not tax the rich who confer all sorts of favors when hanging out at parties unless of course one has a far more practical way to keep the next generation getting increasingly knowledgeable that it simply makes no sense to get angry when the likes of you are imploding without all the world’s masses aware that it is time to celebrate the good news, i.e. bad news for Wall Street and those at the top of pyramid the major beneficiaries of hooking the masses on entitlement programs that the population here in the United States beginning in about 45 years from now even without more folks hooked into my network will begin decreasing blowing to smithereens without a shot being fired those whose business model has prospered so well from “The Preservation of Life and Limb” leading to out of control population growth bringing with it out of control real estate development and speculation to the point that the super rich no longer have to be bothered even renting out their properties having to deal with angry tenants who are waking up to the unfairness of the system that allows the rich to get richer by trickling down the costs on to the poor.


The current crisis in Europe, high unemployment rate, is but the tip of the iceberg once the world’s masses get fully up to speed with the disconnect that is occurring in the world’s financial markets,,, a first world war plane flying eye level to me passing by the Cliff House just heading north towards the Camp Pendleton Marine base and I wont waste time filling in the chaff to give you a more accurate read of the time except to say what are the 3 digits that come before Mr. JRK’s address on Gage Street in Point Loma, San Diego, the 3 digits 567 quite evident in the check you can see in the previous hyperlink which he wrote me on 7/2/2003.


Let me “tho-ugh” [sic] get out of the way to explain more clearly why I am quite certain unless you have more “goods” on Mr. JRK that I am unaware of he WILL if he hasn’t already, send you directly to Coventry, i.e. treat you at best to use your word an, “acquaintance.”


For those either new to my email list which continues while expanding at an accelerating rate to be a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population




Those STILL not used to my style of attracting independent thinkers while exposing the rest




Those truly busy making ends meet in this “dog eat god aspartame” [sic] world fearful and not knowing how exactly to tell their kids the truth about a number of things in addition to why they should have perhaps me who could STILL do with an editor or “tTOo” [sic] explain the importance of why Warren BO Buffett sitting on $42 billion in cash cannot find a spot to invest his monies knowing full well as well as any of us in the “risk assessment” business his money is getting increasingly worthless to mention little of BO not exactly supportive of the United States dollar but more importantly how this rather wealthy man, not by any stretch of the imagination at the top of the pyramid also let the world recently know that us American will soon become a nation of sharecroppers I WILL first backtrack to your outrageous but very telling outbursts, “asshole” now referring to me as one of your “acquaintances.”


When you and I ran into each other a week ago yesterday it was quite obvious from your first question, “Are you still friendly with Jeffrey?” that you were seeking the “dirt” on someone we all know you visit with very frequently but instead of my wife and I responding, “Really, you don’t talk about us?” I left it to my much more eloquent as well as eloquent better half to nudge you along more civilly with, “Why don’t you ask Jeffrey?” and since you began almost immediately to collapse into a heap of tears you may not have noticed me smiling from ear to ear while I quickly “lent you a hand” by asking your mutual fund friend-manager a couple of innocuous questions about his sex life




Perhaps I was a little more diplomatic, cannot exactly recall since my primary focus was to see how given the fact that I had provided a little comic relief, the little light enough as I suspected to have you begin to reveal more of your true colors.


BUT not quite expecting you to say that you had in fact had dinner with Jeffrey the night before and by this time you were in such a tailspin it wasn’t in the least bit surprising to have you then go on to ask, “Are you still friendly with Kevin?” as in poor cardiologist Dr. Kevin Rappaport and without any further guidance from me




my so eloquent and elegant extraordinary French Canadian athlete of athletes, 1/32nd Huron Indian, math wizard-artist painter-designer-Client-Partner-Wife Marie Dion [Gevisser] just godly inspired to catch your breath before blurting out that you had spoken that very same morning with your “arch rival”.


What a performance?


Would you like to see the video?


Who knows these days with minute video cameras available to more than just CIA operatives someone even across the street might have been filming and when eventually reading this missive might forward it to me to be played with of course your permission on any one of our 100 odd websites in various stages of construction from the bottom up, how about


You “real-ly” [sic] must examine ever so carefully Mr. JRK’s “arch rival” using the word “Astonishingly” when referring to how he felt when he heard the results of the anonymous interactive questionnaire put to the 100 Chief Financial Officers of America’s largest corporations back in the spring of 1999 again well before Enron, such a gathering of overwhelming crooks taking place at the Business Week Annual Conference of CFOs AND then you would better appreciate assuming there is fact blood STILL flowing through to your brain why it is NOT in the least bit SURPRISING why a “risk assessment” specialist such as myself coaches the likes of Mr. JRK perhaps the most “skilled and experiencedSCAL [Shareholder Class Action Litigator] how to respond to fast balls thrown at or near head “pitched” by more often than not corrupt managers of public corporations, the vast majority of the Chief Executive Officers of the 100 largest corporations in America as I have spelled out rather clearly have on at least one occasion acted out on the larceny in their hearts by asking their CFOs to “falsify the financial statements”.


Now if it is STILL surprising, i.e. that in addition to what you read above surely Mr. JRK read you the riot act for your despicable and darn right infantile approach to getting the dirt on him then let me be courteous and call on either my cardiologist cousin Dr. Barry Molk, blind copied on this broadcasted communiqué along with a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population, adding new names may delay things “sumwhat” [sic]




one of your colleagues over at the Cedars Sinai cardiology department in Los Angeles?


Surely by now you have been brought up to speed by someone possibly David Berman of Berman Capital Management who has yet to call as promised




David’s father-in-law Michael Steinhardt of the Steinhardt $5 billion Hedge fund that I provided my friend and client Irving Cooper with my “risk assessment-due diligence” services when Irv decided to place some of his monies to help fund one of the first cardiology stent programs, the “lead physician” whose name escapes me right now, caused Irv to later once I had already moved to this area to seek my suggestions after some “real issues” developed when the technology got spun off in to private ventures without Irv’s “participation” but as Irv began to implode from the “trauma” of realizing that “his boy” Michael Steinhardt was no different to the rest on Wall Street, just a bigger crook, he ended up replacing his son as executor of his estate even “tho-ugh” [sic] I never once heard Irv indicate he had any reason to believe that Richard Cooper couldn’t execute his will both expeditiously and judiciously.


And don’t be “af-raid” [sic] to ask if you would like any more details on this subject including why Richard, also copied, as well as Irv’s widow soon after Irv’s passing, I believe it was March 3rd 2003, sought my “input” both of them in the end preferring to “let sleeping gods lie” [sic].


Yes, Doctor Teirstein it does not take the use of a dictionary for those immersed in the SCAL as well as risk assessment business to comprehend what the word “falsify” means when what is being discussed is ways for already relatively rich folk to trickle down the costs of the rich getting richer on to the backs of the poor while up until now, perhaps just a little longer, getting poorer increasingly up to speed thanks to “templates” such as this, wouldn’t you agree?


I will though spell thinks out crystal clear so that anyone in the world with an 8th grade education can understand more about you and how our educational system exemplified by the Bell Shaped Curve breeds at best mediocrity, with the “most average” such as you, again just my humble opinion, rising to the very top.


The mere fact that Mr. JRK would not all that long ago CHOOSE to inform me that you are ranked in the top 3 cardiologists in the world which I thought was really very funny at the time says everything about not only how much fun Mr. JRK and had “playing pong” with one another almost continuously from that fateful day when you, Dr. Kevin Rappaport, Mr. JRK and I first met in the spring of 1999 at the Matre D. restaurant in La Jolla where Marie, now my wife, was wearing this red feather hat, the photo taken shortly thereafter which you can see immediately as you come up the stairs of the Cliff House here in Del Mar, California, I think you would agree that Marie has only got better looking as I have got so ugly-duckling like, agree?


Not to forget I only asked for both Lowell Potiker’s and your email address after I had completed the “triangulation” phase of the “pre-discovery”.


This entire “dog eat dog” world begins and ends with “insurance” matters again I was fully schooled in by age 15, each and every one of us who plays it “fast and loose” has this rather poor habit of CHOOSing to take out an “insurance policy” of sorts beginning with family, followed by friends, the “payoff” larger if the family and friends are dependants, the most “water tight” policy bearing the most fruit if when downloading in a hurry the “wrongful acts” the “recipient” of the “fast and loose” play is busy, better yet, sleep deprived taking care of “defenseless kids”.


Be sure to let me know




Have your lawyer-liars “to-get-her” [sic] with the Feds know what it is exactly you don’t understand by what I wrote above and don’t HESITATE to contract Mr. George Money Talks Hurst Esq, the lawyer-liar for The Sperm Donor.


Now take a very deep breath Dr. Tierstein because I am in no mood despite this being another most glorious day to take any prisoners given besides for how my heart goes out to all those peoples around the world suffering needlessly as a result of your greed, those 1500 mostly black South African kids dying from AIDs, the most carefully executed genocide at least on a par with the WWII Holocaust while you simply loose a heartbeat or “tTOo” [sic] there simply is no space in any of our households for crybabies, Mr. Michael Winn, journalist for the Del Mar Times just this minute calling to let me know that he would enjoy watching the sunset with me letting me also know that he was “enjoying himself”,,, making a roast for himself and his so lively 98 year old amazing mother who I doubt would tolerate Michael who besides for his screwed up head thinking George W. Bush is the evil incarnate could get any “rich chick” so long as he cleaned up his pitiful act, agree?


Now it is possible that you did not receive the knuckleball I sent Michael this morning, the same with guy “Phatboy Slim” who I doubt is “real-ly” [sic] Tefo Mohapi but I will forward them both to you immediately after sending this out.


In due course, G-D being well, I will be following up with the top dogs at Cornell University perhaps the most prestigious as well as richest academic institution on the planet, these boys and girls, many copied on this missive, having a pretty good sense of where I will be starting out next in my follow up communiqué especially those familiar with the “dog and pony” show very recently put on at the San Diego Reuben Space Theatre to raise $600 million for their new Life Science facility, the extravagant power point display beginning as one would expect such well schooled Professors but not “intellectually honest” enough for my liking, stating upfront in compliance “sumwhat” [sic] with “full disclosure” that their goal is “Preservation of life and limb” and I couldn’t help but focus given the fact that I am pretty well schooled in Jewish orthodoxy the words that followed, “Long life”, the same words us Jewish people use when sharing condolences with a family member “sitting Sheva”.


The 7 days of mourning, one of the things I had a lot of difficulty with when growing up given how I had always been taught to question everything including feeling comfortable in questioning G-D, Israel as you know when translated literally from Hebrew into English means “Wrestle-Struggle with G-Dand why would G-d want mankind to live a “long life” given how extraordinarily unkind mankind has been to G-D-NAture almost from the beginning of time, DID NOT result in me feeling the need to “go to war” with G-D but to rather try and understand the minds of nincompoops who thought they could pull the wool over the eyes of G-D’s children, not “af-raid” [sic] to question G-d, knowing more about the clay feet of our leadership than their strengths, why other than the fact that mankind is so unkind to G-D-NAture that he would CHOOSE to produce in His-Her own image when mankind has in winning “the race for survival of fittest” continued to breed?


Stands to reason given how extraordinarily selfish is mankind the oxymoron of all time?


While understanding that G-D is DNA, “replicates faithfully” in losing his sensitivities in this “Dog eat God Aspartame” [sic] world, oblivious to each of us having wonderfully different characteristics, different fingerprints which show patterns commonplace throughout G-D-NAture we also have in common our very soft skins, using our G-D given SMARTs, however, to think this entire universe is all about “me, me, me”?


Your decision to call me an “asshole” followed by CHOOSING to then call me an “ACQUANTANCE” only begs the question why would you ask someone who you refer to as an, “ACQUANTANCE” the very straightforward question, “Are you still friendly with Jeffrey?” someone who is one of your bosom buddies who must surely know a good deal about your balance sheet, matters I suspect your mutual fund-manager Mr. Lowell Potiker while possibly understanding better than you would most assuredly prefer being left along at this time allowing him to think how best he can explain to his other perhaps not as rich clients the rather public revelations by Mr. JRK’s “arch rivalMr. Bill Lerach Esq. in his article first written soon after his “Astonishing” outburst again back in the spring of 1999 at the Business Week Annual Conference of CFOs, titled, An Alarming Decline in the Quality of Financial Reporting.


It goes pretty much without saying that I was far more friendly with Mr. JRK than I ever was with you not “real-ly” [sic] helping Mr. JRK very much unless he has had a frontal lobotomy since you commandeered him to hand over my cell phone number although it is possible you came across it on the internet much like this broadcasted communiqué containing your name, just type “Tierstein Gevisser” in to the Google Internet search engine and please note this posting on the Yahoo message board, perhaps the increasing number of hits my websites are getting causing some of my hyperlinks to load up longer than usual.


I will share with you the consensus of those true friends of mine following ever so closely this Perfect Storm which I will now label Perfect Storm C, how assuming Mr. JRK is in fact compos mentis, HE reacted when coming to grips with the full extent of you insidious nature.


You asshole!


Can’t you keep your big mouth shut.


You are a clown.


You have made a fool of both of us, forget Lowell now another perfect target that people cannot trust.


From now I will explain to whoever asks that you and I are nothing more than acquaintances who get together only because our wives like to hang. So to be perfectly clear I fully expect you to start playing the part!


NOW this INSTANT go to the homepage of, scroll down to the bottom and click on the Mission Statement.


In a nutshell, I am all about resolving conflict without going the lawsuit route unless no other option exists.


Jeffrey should be happy and thank me again once again.


Surely Jeffrey had doubts if not proof of you being either incompetent or culpability, take your pick!


Now he knows the truth, no doubts?


It all comes down to search for the truth and my focus on academia and the indifferent.


Gary S. Gevisser



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-----Original Message-----
From: GsG
Sent: Wednesday, May 25, 2005 1:44 PM PT
To: 'Teirstein, Paul M.D.'
Lowell Potiker - Fund manager;;; Eliot Spitzer - Attorney General of New York State ;
Subject: RE: Your "friend" Gary G.....Real-ly you don't talk about us" [sic]?" ...---...




Have you also gone stark raving nuts?


Do you have any idea how busy Jeffrey is even “tho-ugh” [sic] it is not Monday, so oblivious to Warren BO Buffett’s former CEO having invoked his 5th Amendment rights that as to be expected only came over the newswire late Friday?


Take a deep breath.


I will not given your physical as well as mental health put you through the very basic Pilates exercising routine,,, well just give me 2 push ups and 1 sit-up and remember to always breath in through the nose to the count of 5 and again out through the same nose to the count of 5 remembering when in the bicycle maneuver to stretch your toes.


I give you now a 1 and another 1 and then a 2 followed by a 4 which gives you an 8 whether you multiply or add those awesome numbers?


So now we know you can still think I may be smart?


And yes it is an absolute fact that my so eloquent and elegant extraordinary French Canadian athlete of athletes, 1/32nd Huron Indian, math wizard-artist painter-designer-Client-Partner-Wife Marie Dion [Gevisser] does in fact also have the most incredible ass.


Your pulse starting to come down thinking you might be able to find an edge to suggest I am going overboard, but now in an instant “real-tycheck” [sic] when reflecting back on what you just did.


Not only invoking the services of perhaps the most “skilled and experiencedSCAL [Shareholder Class Action Litigator] but when viewed by a jury of your peers who would have the opportunity to view what you had previously sent me may finally force law enforcement officials to take a very deep breath while making certain our great President, the most honorable George W. Bush gets a proper briefing on not only why very precisely the “filthy” and lazy rich” don’t pay their fair share of taxes, lobbying politicians to trickle down the costs of their extravagances on to the shell shocked poor and downtrodden, but more importantly how extraordinarily vulnerable my very “favored class” feel at this most glorious moment in the history of our species when the past and the future all come “to-get-her” [sic] in the present, the Digital Age, A G-D-send.


And of course feel free to commiserate with Rabbi Abner Weiss also seeking absolution at this time.


Clocks starting to wind down as the smart money sitting on the sidelines feels increasingly vulnerable to how extraordinarily quickly their ill-gotten gains can be taken away in just one election, the biggest enemy of our great President right this moment none other than my uncle David Gevisser’s DAAC [DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel] granted a “blank check” by a sickly Democratic President in that fateful year of 1933 the year Hitler was “democratically” voted Chancellor of Germany, the same year President Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed very vocal Hitler supporter Joe Kennedy chairman of the SEC.


Cutting to the chase, what exactly do you expect your “good friend” Jeffrey R. Krinsk of Finkelstein & Krinsk to do in order to help distract you to then in turn seek help from Howard Finkelstein Esq to distract Mr. JRK from you having sold Mr. JRK down the tubes?


Answer the question, “Real-ly you don't talk about us" [sic]?


For the benefit of new viewers-voyeurs you were possibly simply having an epileptic fit, this instant coming to terms with not only why Mr. JRK has been so deafeningly silent but why such a relatively quiet and thoughtful person would engage my “risk assessment” services?


Bouncing around in yoyo heads such as yourself never interferes with my undivided focus, never turning a blind eye to evil, making it so extraordinarily easy over to time to just smell rot in an instant.


Nothing quite like having “heightened sensitivities” that come from being around the very worst as well as best, agree?




Were “u” [sic] just being yourself, a quick “backhander” to your “good friend”  Mr. JRK when asking Marie and I who you haven’t seen in ages “Are you still friendly with Jeffrey?”


While not taking your bait and responding with Marie’s ingenious knuckleball, “Real-ly you don't talk about us" [sic]?” I managed to ferret out that you not only had dinner with Jeffrey the night before but the other person you wanted to get the “dirt” on, your “arch rival” Dr. Kevin Rappaport it turns out you had spoken with just prior to lunching at Barberlla which is not quite as much a “rich chick” scene at the outside bar of Il Fornio on the deck of the Del Mar Plaza just across from the Tree House our other residence here in Del Mar, agree?


I guesstimate that even before I communicate with Inge Reichenbach, Vice President for Cornell Alumni Afairs and Jim Mazza, Cornell University’s Campaign Director, Special Projects within the next 72 hours at least 10 million with an 8th grade education will read our communiqués “back and forth” which could have your cardiology assembly line stretched to capacity especially those folks not necessarily in Iron Man condition attending our “risk assessment” tutorials that will lead off with this communiqué, good idea?


This last paragraph not “real-ly” [sic] giving you much of an opening?


May I therefore suggest that when you, Jeffrey and his “partner in crime” Howard next break bread “to-get-her” [sic] not bother doing all that much more than collapsing into a heap of tears?


Hell, why not tonight and if you agree to pick up the tab I will, please G-d, join you, Jeffrey would love not only to see Pypeetoe who for obvious reasons he calls Tippytoe, I really do miss Jeffrey, but to really have once again a thought provoking conversation versus the repeated monologues with a bunch of guys bored with their checks, no strike that, their equally bored chicks spending their Sundays with of all the Lilly White Wheaty Eating trash a fund manager, give me a break!


Let me know about tonight because I need to give Mariegood notice” and in the meantime I will think of another possibly a more appropriate word to describe Lowell Potiker, helpful if you or he would let me know if he was aware of Bill Lerach Esq.’s “astonishing” findings going back to the spring of 1999 that spelled out in the simplest of English how deep rooted was the rot in corporate America the same elsewhere, we just have more lawyer-liars kept busy in what Stanford Professor Joe Grundfest, a former chairman of the SEC accurately referred to as a “shell game”, and if not why not and to please have someone let me know what the Securities and Exchange Commission did once it got the list of the 100 Chief Financial Officers of America’s largest corporations, the overwhelming the majority admitting that their bosses, their Chief Executive Officers had on least one occasion acted out on the larceny in their hearts by asking their CFOs “to falsify the financial statements”.


And of course I don’t expect Lowell even if he handles all rich physician and SCALs investment portfolios to understand at this precise moment in time why a very smart lawyer-liar like Bill Lerach would first, ask a question he doesn’t already know the answer to which is why he asked the question in the first place;  second, why the mainstream media have not been broadcasting these findings on the front page of every newspaper, TV manufacturers being compelled by an Act of Congress if necessary to provide a warning label with every new TV sold, not to go overboard and recall all the old TVs but to certainly when going door to door conducting the National Census to hand out such important labeling until such time as share trading in public corporations was suspended; and 3rd why Bill Lerach didn’t ask those two-thirds of the CFOs who admitted they had been asked to commit fraud, 12% of all those in attendance admitted to having done so, whether these third-thirds thought the other one third who said they had never been asked to commit fraud were in fact telling the truth?


Truth that which does not change.




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From: Teirstein, Paul M.D. []
Wednesday, May 25, 2005 10:54 AM
To: ''; Howard Finkelstein; Poticker Lowell (
Cc: ''
Subject: Your "friend" Gary G


Dear Jeffrey,


Do you have Gary's phone number. Lowell and I bumped into him at Barberlla on Sunday, which was nice enough. However, he asked for our email addresses and I gave it to him with the specific agreement that he would not solicit or spam us. Well, it turns out that Gary is, simply put, A COMPLETE ASSHOLE! I get several of his absurd emails each day (see below for one example). What a jerk! Lowell has asked me never to introduce him to my acquaintances again.


Anyway I want to call him and tell him what I think of him.




Paul Teirstein, M.D.

858-554-9905 (phone)

858-554-6883 (fax)




From: GsG []
Wednesday, May 25, 2005 6:56 AM
To: '
Lebogang Ditshwene'
Cc: rest

Subject: RE:"Real-ly you don't talk about us" [sic]? ...---...EXcusES...---...alibi...---...

I will do so once I get confirmation that your "friend" Tefo Mohapi is safe and the monies I advanced to run the INFORMERS WANTED ads in South Africa have been returned bearing in mind one of Tefo's last emails to me on Wed 5/11/2005 9:30 AM, "I have a valid passport" that followed an email he sent me 17 minutes earlier:



When online, let me know. I need to discuss with you the Safmarine case and how it goes on from here because I cannot drop it ..... appearing like I'm running away with my tail between my needs to be settled, fast.


I am not in peak mental and fitness shape as u r and thats wy i feel weak and vulnerable at times. All sorts of things are being said e.g. Is Gary genuine? Are you suicidal or stupid? Your trading/business reputation is gonna dry up in South Africa if you follow through with this (Re: Safmarine)!! You are telling the truth but you have to handle this with care, you cant just say it as it is!...these are just examples of what is currently happening with me finding myself more and more alone with only those sitting on the fence providing support, they not wanting in their words to "take sides" but me not asking anyone to take sides but to stick to the truth and if I happen to be in the way of the truth they must expose my lies as well.


I will be having a chat to my parents this evening telephonically (Mom is away on work in Nelspruit and Dad away on work in Cape Town) and hear them out. Reminding me of a statement my dad once told me "If you lie, you always have to remeber what you say and always come up with new lies to cover up your previous lies leading you into a vicious cycle." he said this in Sesotho.


Take care!






Furthermore, I will shortly be posting up on my website the dialogue between you and Tefo [see attachment] beginning with the last one I am aware of:


From: Tefo Mohapi []
Thursday, May 05, 2005 8:21 AM
Lebogang Ditshwene
Subject: Re: Dumelang

ahhhhhhhhh! (Light Bulb Moment)


or if you know someone who might know someone who knows something you can always do it anonimously. Even better, forward the attached document to all your friends without any comments from you.


Whilst at it, seeing that you work at DRUM Magazine (part of the News24 group?) can you be so kind as to get me the e-mail addresses of all the advertising executives at News24, that is all the publications including The City Press and Die Beeld.


Copied on this communiqué "to-get-her" [sic] a statistically valid sampling of the word's literate population is Mr. Lowell Potiker who I understand from his Sunday brunch friend Dr. Paul Teirstein, is a mutual fund manager, Paul yet to answer the question "Real-ly you don't talk about us" [sic]?


I will be following up with both Lowell who now seeks "ANONYMITY" as well as Paul in due course as I prepare to throw a monkey wrench in Cornell University's plans to raise $600 million for their one of a kind Life Sciences facility bearing in mind Paul still to the best of my knowledge is ranked in the top 3 cardiologists in the world sharing with me Lowell's email to him yesterday "sumhow" [sic] thinking it would "reinforce my point... This is not your best side"


Be further advised that following my placing rather last night, at 10:39 PM PT, the Del Mar City Council on notice to "get their house in order" as I step up efforts to have at least 3 out of the 4 councilmembers recalled, the 1111 word email containing a suggestion that they read, "An Alarming Decline in the Quality of Financial Reporting" I went on a rather long walk on the beach along with my Super Italian Greyhound allowing me to rise early this morning to invigorate the masses around the world who in not letting their formal education interfere with their learning are having no difficulty whatsoever getting their arms around the evidence supporting the fact that us human beings are creatures of habit always looking for the easy way out, the next generation increasingly less oblivious to the system being "closed looped" and therefore increasingly less likely to be co-opted coming up with poor excuses, you know what I mean jelly bean?


Gary S. Gevisser

A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There


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Lebogang Ditshwene []
Wednesday, May 25, 2005 12:40 AM
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Subject: RE:"Real-ly you don't talk about us" [sic]? ...---...




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24 May 2005 10:27 PM
Denga Ramuedzisi - KPMG analyst
Valerie Coster; Valerie Schulte Esq. - National Association of Broadcasters; Roger W. Robinson; King Golden Jr. Esq.
Subject: FW:"Real-ly you don't talk about us" [sic]?...---...


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Valerie Coster; Valerie Schulte Esq. - National Association of Broadcasters; Roger W. Robinson; King Golden Jr. Esq.
Subject: FW:"Real-ly you don't talk about us" [sic]?...---...


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