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Subject: A LIFETIME OF AGGRAVATION....Yes I am in a position to repay the monies I borrowed




The “sly English” would conclude at this time that you are either dead or let me know when answering, “Yes I am in a position to repay the monies I borrowed” without asking kindly where you should send the monies, that you were just “toying” with me.


The “Sly English” and of course that includes my Royal Mater cannot accept for a moment that you have anything else of importance to attend to these days but to feel sorry for yourself for not having taken billionaire Solly Krok up on his offer to be your “mentor” which you figured out very quickly meant that you could in no time be a millionaire given how eager Solly is to ingratiate himself with smart black South Africans to assuage his guilt but at the same time in “selling your soul” would have from that moment forth be deprived of ever getting a peaceful night sleep unless able to convince yourself that those you care to “hang with” were more corrupt than you which of course isn’t in the least bit difficult today given how convincing each of us can be except when looking in the mirror or debating someone such as myself who unlike elitists who think it better they allocate the world’s resources than the corrupt government officials they corrupt I mostly cherish debating people who don’t agree with me.


My RM made a very bold and extraordinarily stupid move recently when she stopped the income from my bachelor pad in Cape town going to my Dad who ever since I purchased it from her in 1995 when she was having a “cash crisis” has been living off that income which I generously “gifted” to him for managing the property bearing in mind were it up to my RM my Dad, her devoted husband of 30 years would have got nothing, just part of the evidence that this flat belongs to me.


Not to mention all the bank records and detailed accounting that my father shared with me on a regular basis, again not with my RM who he never forgave for throwing him out of their double flat over-the-top valuable flat in Heron Water right on Clifton Second Beach.


To mention little of how I wasn’t exactly “asleep at the wheel” when I had the monies I used to pay my RM begin out of Solly Krok’s bank account into my father’s bank account and then in to my mother’s bank account.


BTW what did you think of my French Canadian wife, Marie Dion Gevisser sending my father this 141 odd “money trail” email back on June 7th of last year just 9 odd days before MDG and I left on our 24 day “fact finding mission” of China?


Were you also aware that being poor doesn’t mean one has to be dirty?


I doubt you are aware of how very clean are the Chinese peoples who are mostly very, poor but extraordinarily well educated and increasingly happy while so very much appreciative of our one American hero, 4 Star General Stilwell who so extraordinarily few Americans have even heard of, apart from those reading feverishly my emails mostly looking for a way to “make money”, those corrupted by their parent’s ill-gotten gains who of course only wish me “ill will” which I cherish knowing a thing or “tTOo” [sic] about how this game of life has each and every one of us getting our “just deserve” in this lifetime.


What goes around come around with vengeance!


The past and the future all come “to-get-her” [sic] in the present, the Digital age, a godsend!


And don’t even try making a wimp of an argument for all those downtrodden poor Indian women working like slaves in places like India happy for a “sniff of an oil rag” when you know how very easily you could change all that as well as each and every miserable person as up to speed as you on how very effective is the internet to send a message to the very corrupt Indian government beginning by having them answer the question why they have been so silent about the United States of America allowing the DAAC to violate the sacrosanct Anti-Trust-Anti-Monopolies-Anti Price Fixing laws of the U.S. for more than a century and while making this ONE AND ONLY exception had the U.S. assert its DAAC military mite when executing feverishly throughout the rest of the world the DAAC’s foreign policy of Regime Change.


And of course I don’t need to remind you that there has never been a more repressive and brutal regime in the history of the world than the South African Apartheid Regime under the “command and control” of the DAAC that ruled for some 45 very critical years over the entire world given the DAAC’s unbridled power to engineer-manufacture-distribute their own unlimited supply of untraceable. Lightweight and never inventoried Diamond Currency.


Have you thought of trying to reach Hasidic-Ultra Orthodox Jewish-Black Hatter Martin Rappaport and asking him what he remembers about our interesting conversations, not of all them taped?  


So why, you surely ask given all the time I have on my hands between now and when I leave for Europe, don’t I simply file a lawsuit against my RM and enjoy how when up on the stand she would inevitably plead that she is sick, old and senile just like my father who is now on his death bed and doesn’t want a lifetime of aggravation of fighting my mother.


For what is this little “Gevisser family tiff” all about since none of us including my RM who of course would also find it within herself to “plead poverty” really need either the income or the property especially those of us Gevissers-Ashes who know how very much the “writing is on the wall” as I spell out in “real time” how so very simple it is for the capital and financial markets to collapse and the peoples of China wouldn’t even feel a single negative ripple effect.


And why make the fact that it has everything to do with Jewish South Africans having played things a little “too cute” for some 4 decades as they “made the argument” that suited their financial agenda, “IF THERE WASN’T A BLACK PROBLEM IN SOUTH AFRICA THERE WOULD BE A JEWISH PROBLEM” bearing in mind the only problem was who exactly was supporting the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, the most anti-Semitic mafia of mafia, special interest of special interest group who by fixing the price of the diamond market own each and every single market in the world including those disgusting “do gooder” medical doctors belonging to “Doctors without borders” who if they don’t understand how they make the poor in the rest of the world dependant then what are they doing with a “license to practice murder”?


After a while when all you know is to be “deceptive in war” it is inevitable that you loose your “moral compass”.


The Jews of South Africa lost it altogether when they failed to speak out against Charles Engelhard and Harry Oppenheimer who at least today each Jewish person in the world receiving my emails knows were both buried in churches given how Christian dogma was all about “blind faith” and trusting God who they never thought would have a problem with a people like us Americans who have a proliferation of churches in a “head to head battle” for first place with the number of DAAC wholesale-retail diamond money laundering shops, then having the chutzpah to have place on our money, “IN GOD WE TRUST”.


So were you “having fun with me”?


The DAAC have done a lot of “mocking” over the years but today they and all their supporters from all the faiths have a SIGNIFICANT uphill battle.


Between now and when I leave for Europe on April 3rd I will spell this all out in much more detail although I know you get it all other than what else apart from my RM’s ego has her so very out of control.


You simply have to look very carefully at her immediate family’s history and what you will come away with is either concluding they were mafia tied in with the biggest gangster bookmakers in Northern England, very much aligned with the DAAC or extraordinarily opposed.


Call me 1-858-SEL-NEXT [735-6398].




Ps – Have you noticed how quiet the Jewish community is all around the world to why Starbucks, headed by another “sell out” Jewish person doesn’t have a single shop in Israel, a nation of coffee drinkers and who along with the Chinese set the scholastic levels wherever the go?


Do you understand better the “mind control” games of the DAAC who would have you believe that one New York Diamond dealer would be able to arrange the meeting of President elect John F. Kennedy and Harry Oppenheimer, the head of the mafia of mafia when the DAAC know there is all this evidence in the “public domain” of JFK and his wife Jackie O meeting often in private with HO as well as his crime partner Charles Engelhard at CE’s very private Camp Chaleur in Quebec, Canada.


You do perfectly understand this is all one big game amongst elitist throughout the world to allocate the world’s resources amongst themselves and “sellouts” believing that the world’s masses would simply pass on the nonsense from one generation to the next that they should “accept their lot in life” while still with not much more than a pot to pee in thinking themselves to be so “evolved” to listen carefully to DAAC propaganda that has them thinking rather silly slogans like, “War is hell and you have to make the most of life whatever that means!


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From: Tefo
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Subject: Re: Yes I am in a position to repay the monies I borrowed


From: Gary S. Gevisser
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To: Tefo
Subject: Are you in a position to repay the monies you borrowed?