From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2005 6:27 PM PT
To: Vicky Schiffco-M
anaging Director of the Wetherly Capital Group
Cc: rest; Eliot Spitzer - Attorney General of New York State;;; FBI; Jim Kerr - Del Mar Times Editor; Kenneth Standard Esq. - President of the New York State Bar Association; Reed Abelson - New York Times; Roger Hedgecock; Eric Van Den Berg Esq. - Bell, Dewar & Hall; Nicholas Oppenheimer - DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Tony Leon MP - Leader of the Democratic Alliance - Republic of South Africa; Mark Gevisser - The Nation's southern African correspondant; Stephen Cohen - Codiam Inc.; Michael Berlin Esq. - Office of Attorney General; Whitman Knapp Esq. - Office of Attorney General; Valerie Schulte Esq. - National Association of Broadcasters; Trevor Manuel - South Africa's Minister of Finance; Lebogang Ditshwene;
Subject: FW: Survival International...whiner...grease...---...sink the entire United States Democratic Communist Party...hand delivering this communiqué to an office of the FBI [Federal Bureau of INVESTIGATION]...




Ps – You, the co-Managing Director of Wetherly Capital Group, remember our joint safety deposit box, number 280 at Union Bank in downtown Del Mar?


280 also the number of days the share price of Vivendi experienced an unprecedented, continuous and precipitous decline [$63 odd billion] within hours of me informing you on January 3rd 2002 that I would not go along with WCG, primarily a lobbyist organization for the United States Democratic Party, serving as the conduit for Vivendi, the French water conglomerate having had “their day” a handful days earlier with former Democratic California Governor Gray Davis?


You recall Davis who so “inexplicably” went on to beat Republican William Simon, one of your handful of clients, in the California Gubernatorial general election held on November 8th, 2002, Mr. Simon the “come from behind” Republican candidate during the California Gubernatorial Republican primaries?


Not every literate human being in the world aware that “primaries” here in the United States are the “KnockOut” staged events between heavyweight contenders in the same parties?


You also remember Mr. Simon’s WE Simon & Sons Special Situation Fund that WCG were tasked with filling “sum” [sic] $100 million, about the same amount of money Democrat Governor Gray Davis and his supporters spent on Davis’ re-election campaign?


A good chunk, if not most of those monies for a job that pays $250,000 annually, going to defeat Mr. Richard Riordan, the former well respected Mayor of Los Angeles, in the Republican primaries, Mr. Riordan’s victorious opponent, none other than Mr. William “Come from behind” Simon?


So important the date, August 29th, 2001, on the top of the WCG’s internal document in the previous hyperlink that leads in to the nuts and bolts of WCG’s “ASSIGNMENT” for WE Simon & Sons Special Situation Fund.


Above the “ASSIGNMENT” and slightly indented we have the WE Simon & Sons’ “WETHERLY CONTACT, Mr. Julio Ramirez, as best I recall, not only a member of the board of directors of WCG, certainly present on at least one occasion when I met with the full board in the world headquarters of Arden Realty in west Los Angeles but an extraordinarily close confident of former Democrat Governor Gray Davis?


And please forgive me if I mention once again that Gray Davis is a United States Democrat and Mr. Simon was supposedly representing the United States Republican Party in this all important race to be head of the 6th largest economy in the world?


Not exactly bored to hear me also remind you et al of the strong position I took once I “got wind” of how Vivendi, through its 63% owned U.S. Filter-Culligan Man operation was going to reward WCG with some 42,000 or so contiguous acres of rather important real estate in the so critically important Imperial Irrigation District, your efforts paying off handsomely, doing the most marvelous, no strike that, out of this world, no strike that, ingenious job in “greasing the wheels” to mention little of the IID, a critically, no strike that, perhaps the most critically important voting district here in California, their water rights nothing short of awesome in this drought stricken region of the world?


Didn’t you just love that scene in China Town where Faye Dunaway is getting her face slapped back and forth, “mother, sister, mother, sister”?


Theresa Heinz is a woman I would just love to meet, so if you would please, please, please ask Bill Clinton if he could do me this one big favor just so that I am  able see her body language when asking her a couple of questions:


“Terrific sunset it looks like we are going to be having today, my computer clock says 6:03 PM PT, just coincidentally tying in with the pleas of momworker63 on the Revlon Yahoo message board from back on 6/11/1999 that you can see in the previous hyperlink.


Please don’t mind if I lead in with an innocuous question suggesting if you weren’t raised in southern Africa around the time that Robert F. Kennedy, Attorney General of the United States, tasked as head of the United States Justice Department with executing our sacrosanct Anti-Trust laws, visited us all in Durban, South Africa, back in June 1966 you would agree you were ‘sumwhat’ [sic] conscious or at least halfway competent, G-d forbid I were to go overboard and suggest you were a conscious competent?


Give me your professional opinion of what you made of his ‘advance team’ asking my Royal Mater, ‘Can you come up with a list of people RFK should NOT meet with? bearing in mind my RM’s good friend was my uncle David Gevisser who in less than 5 years became the male heir’ of American Charles Engelhard’s worldwide estate, CE not only an ‘open supporter’ of the South African Apartheid Government under the ‘command and control’ of my uncle DG’s DAAC [DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel] mafia of mafia family, but CE along with Harry Oppenheimer who had a residence in the next town north of us in Durban, South Africa, just a ‘hop-jump-and-a-scotch’ [sic] from our first residence in Durban North, was the co-conspirator-inventor of The Diamond Invention responsible for not only the greatest enslavement, torture and mass murder of all time but my uncle’s DAAC family, again and again, the mafia of mafia were then and remain to this day not only the most flagrant violators of our sacrosanct Anti-Trust laws, moreover have been allowed, beginning in earnest in 1933, the same year Hitler was swept in to power, ‘aided and abetted’ by the DAAC et al, to produce and distribute, at will, their unlimited in supply diamond currency never once inventoried by a single United States Justice Department official, even those not officially on their payroll?”


Vicky, it is no surprise to those such as yourself intimately familiar with not only my unique and universal “risk assessment” services but my prescient timing that January 3rd 2002 would be the day I would have my math-wizard, elegant and so eloquent, 1/32nd Huron Indian, 31/32nd equally outbred French Canadian Client-Partner-Wife Marie Dion get her will witnessed by an attorney, again just a handful of days following you et al [and all] orchestrating 2 critical meetings with Democrat Governor Davis, ten minutes apart, well reflected in this one hyperlink, February 8th, 2002 ring a bell?


So now we go back to this letter to me dated April 3rd, 2002 from your Stanford Law School graduate, Mr. William H. Jackson, telephone number, (310) 201-8965, referring not only to me first, not having a “consummated” agreement, his exact semi-literate wording, “Wetherly and the Gevisser Group were unable to reach agreement upon, and consummate, the consulting agreement because the Gevisser Group objected to the confidentiality provisions of the proposed consulting agreement” but this nincompoop obviously missed a number of things beginning with the signature page containing my signature, your signature as well as the signature of Mr. Dan Weinstein, again your co-managing director of WCG.


Furthermore, WCG’s accountant as well as you and Dan Weinstein failed either to check the space between Mr. Jackson’s ears to see it had in fact become a perfect vacuum or if he was like me right this minute blinded by “the light” or you all failed to inform this idiot lawyer-liar who may have a claim against Stanford University, G-d et al, that WCG issued me for 2002 a 1099 tax form showing monies paid to me not only under this “consulting agreement” dated September 17th, 2001 but for services I rendered WCG when Dan Weinstein first engaged my unique and universal “risk assessment” services when he thought he was moments away from being indicted following reports in the press about his pivotal role getting local Indian Gaming Chiefs to fund a malicious and might I add the word slanderous mailing campaign against Antonio Vilaraigosa, the current mayor of Los Angeles who lost to Weinstein’s buddy Hahn when they first went to battle back in the summer of 2001.


Moving along to the last sentence of Mr. Jackson’s tombstone wording:


Despite the fact that there was never any agreement between Wetherly and the Gevisser Group, and out of an abundance of caution, on January 15, 2002, Wetherly delivered a notice of termination to the Gevisser Group of what for short hand purposes will be referred to as the unconsummated consulting agreement.”


Please when also hand delivering this to Mr. Jackson Esq. and each and every partner at the law firm of Pircher, Nichols & Meek along with the largest carton of tissues to help clean up the flooding caused by Mr. Jackson Esq. et al having collapsed in what I can only imagine to be the largest pool of tears outside boardroom of my DAAC family, remind this moron that not only was I present at the February 8th 2002 meeting, again taking place in the world headquarters of Arden Realty but nothing in the 30 minutes I made myself available to hear what each of you were going to be doing in order for me to be satisfied “spearheading” on behalf of the WCG the California Agricultural Partners, yours truly one of the partners, was there any mention or indication of me being “terminated”, on the contrary the memo prepared by you for that meeting enough to sink the entire United States Democratic Communist Party, wouldn’t you if you were a jury of our peers wholeheartedly agree?


Ps I – My attorneys tell me that I still have a few months before the statute of limitation runs out when it will be all but impossible for me to sue you, your co-managing director of WCG as well as very likely Dan Weinstein’s major benefactor and in all likelihood we will be able to loop in Ron Burkle’s business partner, our former President Bill Clinton, to mention little of Burkle providing some $2 million of WCG’s “seed capital”?


Please forward this communication on to Mr. Dick Ziman, co-chairman of WCG as well Arden Realty, a not “tTOo” [sic] INsignificant New York Stock Exchange REIT and have him along with Burkle wise up not to usurp their limited authority ever again, G-d forbid Ziman and Burkle were to team up and call in Burkle’s trade union thugs to “chop off my knees below my neck” [sic], just visualizing how much easier it will be doing my daily pushups.


G-d willing, tomorrow morning I will be hand delivering copies of this communiqué to several offices of the FBI [Federal Bureau of INVESTIGATION]


Ps III – And of course you would be welcome to join tonight’s festivities and if you bring a record player along we can all listen to my RM’s one of a kind, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING A WOMAN.


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