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Subject: MORE THAN ONE MASTER...a lifetime of aggravation...Yes I am in a position to repay the monies I borrowed


It has been a rather long day, only managing to complete one walk of the 90 minute loop walk of Nobel Canyon that begins and ends where our Stone Home is located deep in the Cleveland National Forest.


Not to mention how awesome it has been the past several days working not only as a “slave” but for “slave wages” at the direction of my so sexy, so efficient lead construction worker French Canadian wife, the two of us working alongside another very in shape married couple who have been assisting us identify and fix a handful of “short-circuits” in our electrical system, the result of rather shoddy workmanship, the consequence in my humble but seasoned opinion of some 3 generations of western welfare recipients not really having to “work for living”.


You are aware that everything comes down to “money”, i.e. Dollars and cents even if you have never once seen a single American Dollar.


You are also aware that a glaze comes over your eyes especially if all you have going for yourself like most schooled under the bell shaped curve educational system that has the “most average” rising to the top is your “gift of the gab”, the instant you understand that someone such as yourself without any skills and talent apart from the “gift of the gab”, using “diamond currency” that is unlimited in supply, lightweight and never inventoried, can “open up shop” right next to you and simply by using their diamond currency that is always price fixed by the DAAC, the price fixers of price fixers at always more than a barrel of oil they can “under price” you until such time as you either sell out or go out of business and in no time at all your DAAC competitor which of course could be you begins “resting on their laurels” and in no time do you, your neighbors, your communities, and eventually your nation has a workforce such as what we have in the United States who simply cannot compete on a “level playing field” which of course is not only alien to Americans now fixated on curbing “illegal immigration”.


How difficult is it really for you to understand that when you allow just ONE PRICE FIXER in any sized market let alone one where two out three American women wear their worthless-fictitious so very blood stained DeBeers-Dollars so no longer can you even begin to talk about stuff like, “We are a nation of laws” since such a PRICE FIXER can use their “profits” to buy up the entire world.


Never can you forget that not only am I presenting a “fact of life” but “Diamond Currency” has been produced in machines without any oversight since the mid-1950s just when the U.S. began in ernest the nonsense U.S. State Department mantra, “In support of our south east Asia policy”.


We in the U.S. have got away without the merit system having any bearing whatsoever on the way we “play the rigged game” for so very long we have this almighty opinion of ourselves that the gravy train will continue ad-infinitum.


How many of us Americans who pride ourselves on the separation of Church and State see anything hypocritical let alone blasphemous by having the words on our currency, “In God We Trust”!


Do you have more of a sense how the top echelons of the DAAC based in the U.S., Great Britain and South Africa have laughed themselves silly at the multitude of church officials in the U.S. as well as all our elected and non-elected government officials not all of them having figured out that they work for the DAAC, the mafia of mafia, special interest of special interest group who of course are allowed such a privileged position for they do such a marvelous job in indoctrinating not only the masses of the poor to think that the price of diamonds will always go up but their puppets beginning with the United States Congress?


Please forgive me if you think I am not only going on and on but repeating what I have previously written since I just consumed one and a half beers with a buddy of mine from the local hardware store and moreover, I remain as I have always been a “tea toddler”.


Not to mention that I just cant wait for my happy, happy, happy wife to arrive back at our Stone Home at the crack of dawn tomorrow and if she is delayed because she has finally decided to start reading my emails well then I will just continue with the email to Tefo spelling out a number of things beginning with explaining in even more detail why the western alliance have almost no choice unless they want to see the total collapse of the U.S. Dollar but to invade Iran and after Iran we will of course find another “boogie man”.


China though with its most populous peoples will inevitably convince at least the Israelis that it is just a matter of time when Hezbollah Special Ops will not only outthink Israelis Special Ops but Hezbollah has increasingly less difficulty recruiting.


To assist you in your request, not to mention your anger sounding much like the two BOSS [South African Secret Police] who visited me on back in 1989 following orders from the “central command” of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel who didn’t take kindly to my one-time ad in the DAAC South African Sunday Times,


Gary S. Gevisser & Associates

A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There


Let me know, try in a more civil tone, how you think you got on my email list apart from the distinct possibility that you either gave me your email address thinking you would be getting something for free or you gave it to someone else pissed off with you for wanting something out of them for free who felt that I should be the one to take you on an educational light journey.


BTW would you know why Tony Leon, the Jewish head of the South African Democratic Party would despite conceding to me back in 1995 when he and I hung together in Cape Town in my Royal Mater’s one-of-a-kind bachelor pad in Heron Water located on 2nd Beach, Clifton that Harry Oppenheimer was the most evil human being still living on the planet, then some 5 odd years later pay a tribute to this mafia don of mafia dons on the Harry Oppenheimer Memorial Website that soon after I began bringing Public International Attention to all the other “puppets on a string” following along the same track as Tony Leon with guns pointed to their heads, not to mention there was no mention on the HO Memorial website about any connection between HO and Charles Engelhard, HO’s American co-head of the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel, the DAAC shut down this “all tell” website?


To mention little of the deafening silence of my second cousin famous South African journalist-author Mark Gevisser whose father, David Moshal-Gevisser Engelhard Oppenheimer received some $6 million upon the death of CE who got buried on March 2nd 1971 at St. Mary’s Abby Church in Morris Town, New Jersey.


To mention in passing how so very quiet are all the Jewish communities around the world where their rabbis are also on the payroll of the DAAC, no different to all priesthood of all the religions getting their DAAChand outs”.


No group quite like the Hasidic-Ultra-orthodox Black Hatters playing the most important role of gathering intelligence on other Jewish people who know better than to explain to the Gentile world why the Black Hatters are so very opposed to the State of Israel while so supportive of DAAC, the most anti-Semitic organization who were the principal supporters of Hitler.


Can you explain to me why you shouldn’t also be on my FOOLS NAMES, FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES list?


When last did you hear any preacher dependant on a welfare check explaining how they make a living beginning by informing their congregation that without the church there would be no poor and without the poor there would be no church.


Have you already given me 4200 sit-ups followed by 3600 pushups following my last telepathic message?


BTW, assuming you are as interested to know as the “Smart Money” people as well as the intelligence services throughout the world who have ALL been receiving copies of not only heavily broadcasted missives such as this ever since I decided to break my 24 year deafening silence back on November 11th 2004 when figuring out that not only could I “break the back” of the DAAC, the most devious allocator of the world’s limited and precious resources but I could at the same time find a way by spotlighting both the DAAC as well as all their supporters bring about worldwide peace in 24 hours or less so long as there were sufficient numbers of individuals around the world who actually cared about doing the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing.


Remember, all you have to do is look at the alternative to worldwide peace beginning by paying careful attention to the increase in violent gangs in all those countries where the DAAC have the most influence, you immediately noticing how very “at peace” are the Chinese who are not exactly wimps and who of course continue to set the scholastic levels wherever they go.


In due course, I will be responding to Professor Rabbi Dennis Prager whose staff sent me today for the very first time an automatic reply following their receipt of my 1629 odd word email to Tefo who needs no introduction.


In this communiqué I will be referencing a 35 minute and 14 second phone call I had with Economist Mr. Selwyn Gerber CPA who called me at 7:05 AM PST today after someone who received the “aggravation” email to Tefo forwarded it to Selwyn, very possibly Bernard Lazarus, the brother of now deceased Gunter “The Pig” Lazarus.


Have you noticed how there is so very little if any discussion in the DAAC controlled media about how only a “government laboratory” could produce a miniaturized nuclear bomb that killed a former KGB officer in London since the DAAC fully understand that if the general public were to take their focus off who exactly did the assassination in the next instant the question would be was whether the citizens of the world can trust anything with the word “government” as so few citizens of the world actually trust their governments, especially western governments who allow the mafia of mafia to print their own diamond currency 24/7 for more than century.


Not to mention that Selwyn who ended the conversation “Keep up all your good work!” did not appear to have the slightest clue about the DAAC’s unimaginable “Money Power” to set the price of everything although he agreed that Prostitution is the most honest profession, a fact of life, I understood from the earliest age given how not only was it something my Royal Mater fully agreed with but there isn’t an intelligence service who don’t seek out the hottest looking chicks to frequent bars and nightclubs wearing not only wiretaps but often times serving more than one master.


Nothing quite like First Lady Tramp Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis who while married to President John F. Kennedy had both her lovers, Aristotle Onassis and Attorney General of the United States, Robert F. Kennedy thinking that she was only reporting her “findings” to both of them, never figuring that Jackie O was as much on the payroll of the DAAC as was JFK, Onassis and RFK, the latter two most certainly the “poorest” of my Royal Mater’s paying clients.


You can access this forthcoming email by clicking on this hyperlink bearing in mind that I may only get to it just hours before I leave for Europe next week unless it blows another snow blizzard as it did earlier today at our Stone Home.


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